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Valeo Vision Systems Ireland Dunmore Road, Tuam, County Galway, Ireland.

Tel: +353 93 23100

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Valeo Vision

Tuam, Ireland

The Tuam facility is the mother site for the Valeo Vision product line. The site hosts both an R&D centre and a large production facility. The site is responsible for all aspects of design and manufacturing of top, rear and side view cameras, as well as working towards an end goal of automated driving. Over 1,000 employees currently work at the site.

Valeo Vision

Veszprem, Hungary

Veszprém is a multi product line manufacturing facility, specialising in sensors, switches and body controllers. Within the Vision Systems product line, Veszprém is responsible for the manufacture of ECUs, including multi-camera systems.

Valeo Vision

Wemding, Germany

Wemding is a manufacturing facility with a diverse range of manufacturing activities, such as PCBs, Sensors and ECUs. The site works closely with the R&D facility in Bietighiem-Bissingen. For Vision Systems, Wemding is responsible for the
manufacture of front view cameras and ECUs.

Valeo Vision

Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany

Bietighiem-Bissingen is a dedicated R&D facility, developing products for multiple Valeo product lines. For Vision Systems, the site designs front view camera systems and the associated ECUs. The facility is also active in complementary technologies, such as parking sensors and radar systems.

Valeo Vision

Rio Bravo, Mexico

Rio Bravo is a manufacturing facility with a diverse range of manufacturing activities, such as Radar Systems,Sensors, PCBs and ECUs, switches, body controllers. For Vision Systems, Rio Bravo is in implementation of the new lines of manufacture of back view cameras.

Valeo Vision

Troy, USA

The Troy facility among other Valeo product lines, houses two groups dedicated to the Vision Systems product line. For VVS, the site hosts an Application Engineering group focused on supporting core development deployment to our North American OEM customers and a Business Development group focused on understanding the specific local requirements and possible markets at our North American OEM customers. The site is responsible for application and system deployment of top, rear and side view cameras. Over 200 employees currently work at this site.