Total Reward Package

At Valeo Vision, we know that the secret to retaining excellent staff is to create a happy working environment. We are constantly looking at ways to improve not just productivity, but overall employee motivation and happiness.

Employee Testimonials

+ In terms of progression throughout your career, how has Valeo helped you develop? (trainings, courses, experiences)

Valeo group purchasing tools and process are world class within the automotive Industry. In a truly global company, we have a multicultural network of colleagues with whom we have daily collaboration, enhancing my experience on an ongoing basis. Without question, my skills have been deepened considerably as a result of my experience’s here in Valeo

+ What is the best thing about your job?

Valeo Vision is leading the way in terms of vision technology application in the automotive industry. In my role, I get to be involved in identifying the best suppliers that power our innovation, negotiating the commercial conditions and contracting the quality and delivery requirements for the product in many new technologies. No two days are quite the same.

+ What is the biggest challenge in your role?

Being a fast growing company, using emerging technology, our business evolves rapidly. This creates challenges to keep pace with the emerging supply base, to remain competitive with emerging competition. This creates continuous opportunities to re-check our market position and drive continuous improvement in our Purchasing performance.

+ What does being part of Valeo mean to you?

Valeo is developing products that make a real difference to the driving experience on an on-going basis and the future applications of our technology will further enhance the comfort and safety of drivers of tomorrow. There is a great sense of achievement to be involved in this activity while ongoing development of my procurement skillset is a key personal development

+ Why would you recommend Valeo as a good place to work?

The market for automotive cameras is projected to grow massively over the coming years, so here in Valeo Tuam, there should be no shortage of challenging work and good career progression prospects.

+ What made your mind up to work with Valeo Vision Systems?

  • The role itself sounded very interesting, which is why I applied initially. From there, the whole recruitment process was extremely professional, from interview to offer stage, and it gave me a great feeling for the company – it was a very positive first impression.

  • The product range is cutting edge and very interesting to work with, both in terms of research and development and final testing. The development itself is technically challenging, which is a very important criterion for me. The people in Valeo are also very skilled and nice to work with.

  • The technology that is developed here is extremely interesting and innovative. I had heard positive reports on the company from people working here. The advancements and investments made within the company since I started with the company have led to us going from No. 1 in Europe to the world’s leading provider of driving assistance systems

  • It was a mixture of the technology and the location. When I joined the camera systems were in the very early stages so it was very interesting to be involved in a new and emerging technology. Also, as I am from the West of Ireland the location was ideal.

+ What’s the most exciting part of working with Valeo Vision Systems?

  • It’s different every day. The pace of change is very fast, and while challenging, it can be rewarding in equal measure.

  • Working on world class leading-edge technologies, with world class experts. Highly challenging and rewarding. Delivering products that change the market.

  • The advancements and investments made within the company since I started with the company have led to us going from No. 1 in Europe to the World’s leading provider of driving assistance systems, this is something that I am very proud to be part of. There is an enormous amount of talented engineers who take the time to talk and encourage younger engineers, this to me creates an excellent working atmosphere.. There is a significant emphasis placed on training and upskilling also and the opportunity to travel with some projects.

+ How likely are you to recommend to a friend a career with Valeo?

  • I would recommend anyone to consider it and to at least do some research to understand what is happening here in our business, not only in Tuam, but around the world. We’re building a global organisation to design, build and deliver innovative products to worldwide users. These products and the technology they deliver are making a significant contribution to determining the future direction of the common driving experience. It’s no small thing, and sometimes it’s not easy to keep this in mind every day, but when you stand back and look at it, that’s what we do here. It’s good to be a part of it.

  • Extremely likely – Valeo offers excellent career development opportunities to its employees so I would not hesitate to recommend it to anybody who wishes to further their career in a company that is constantly striving to be the best at what they do.

  • I would be very likely to recommend a career in Valeo to a friend and indeed have done on many occasions.

+ How do you find living in Galway / West of Ireland?

  • Good location for bringing up a family. Good amenities and close proximity to Galway city. Tuam itself doesn’t have the amenities and activities to attract young professionals but commuting from Galway or surrounding towns is not too long or too far.

  • Very quiet place as compared to the city where we lived before. It’s a good place for raising a family.

  • I came from the opposite side of the world and living in Ireland (Galway) is totally a different scenario for me and my family.

  • I had spent 8 years working in Dublin, but I’m originally from Galway city so always knew I wanted to move back home. Galway is one of my favourite places, there is so much to see and do, and it has kept its old charm while also becoming one of the most thriving cities in Europe. There seems to be some sort of festival or event in the city every month! I also spend less time travelling to and from work – my commute from Galway to Tuam takes 35 minutes, half the time I spent in traffic in Dublin.

  • Living in Galway / West of Ireland is great. Galway is a very accessible, multi-cultural and interesting city to live in. It’s also only a stone’s throw from some of the most beautiful sea and landscapes in the world, ideal for the outdoor enthusiast.

  • Couldn’t be happier, apart from the traffic in Galway! Seriously, though, I tried for 4 years to get to the west of Ireland from Dublin. The people are more laid back, the city of Galway is small and manageable, we have great restaurants, great pubs, great culture, great festivals etc. there is always something on. Personally, I think it is great for children, the schools are of a high standard, there are parks, many extra curricular activities. Finally, the best part we live by the sea and are part of the Wild Atlantic way so within a short distance of some of the World’s most amazing landscapes.


Valeo Tuam

Our location in Tuam means that you get the best of both worlds. Situated only 35 minutes from Galway City, you are close to all the amenities on offer in the city. Working in Tuam means that you get the convenience of missing all the traffic at rush hours.

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Total Reward Valeo


We have free onsite parking for all employees.

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Valeo Tuam are committed to continuously investing in our employees financial and personal wellbeing as well as catering to their career development needs. We therefore are committed to offering a competitive and comprehensive reward package to address these needs.

Total Reward Package

Valeo provides you with a comprehensive Total Reward Package with the key elements detailed below;

  • Competitive & Performance Driven Salary

  • Individual Development Plans

  • Subsidised Full-Service Canteen

  • Further Education Schemes

  • Subsidised Sports & Social Club & Sponsored Societies

  • Pension & Death in Service Benefits

  • International Relocation / Housing Allowance Support

  • Bi-Annual Staff Parties

  • Comprehensive Suite of Recognition Awards

  • Formal Bi-Annual Reviews

  • Bike to Work Scheme

  • Paid Maternity / Paternity Leave

  • Promotional Prospects

  • Christmas Savings Club

  • Patent Bonus Award

  • Onsite Occupational Health Unit & Wellness @ Work Promotions

  • Free Parking


‘Diversity’ means ‘varied and different’. Diversity, therefore, is about more than equality. It’s about creating a culture which values individual differences and variety for the benefit of all its employees and the company as a unit' (Diversity Champion, Valeo Vision Systems, Tuam)

Valeo Tuam signed up as members of Ireland's Diversity Charter 2014. The Diversity Charter is a voluntary initiative designed to promote Diversity in the workplace.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reflects a company’s capability to integrate into its corporate strategy and day-to-day operations -- in the interest of the company and society as a whole -- all aspects of sustainable development

  • Environmental (resource conservation, waste reduction...)

  • Social (employee health and well-being, safety, diversity...)

  • Societal (community actions, volunteer or charity work...)

It applies not only to operations within the company itself, but also to relations with all internal and external stakeholders, from employees, customers and suppliers to public authorities, local communities and educational institutions

Valeo have a formal policy on CSR.